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I'm a true believer in film and the magical effects that can be achieved by consuming them. I've had a deep love of film, no doubt since I was old enough to stare at a screen.


I truly believe that the right films can change the world. In this digital age, quality film can be easily found, but quality filmmaking is an art form perfected by few. It's not just about having a good eye, and it's not just about having a good ear, it's about the correlation between them both, how music and sound directly impact or compliment the visual it's married to; how they're cut together - and of course, how viewers will feel upon experiencing it. 


I shoot and edit everything myself, and having a good knowledge of acting, lighting, sound and budgeting, I'm able to keep the crew for any production at the tightest most efficient level.  I’m always on the hunt for a new challenge no matter the scale, budget or project type.

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